The Never-ending Shedding of Pets

Dogs and cats all shed their coats. Some continually shed on a more regular basis and some all the time. There are some breeds that do not seem to shed. Like the poodle, Portuguese water dog, yorkies, etc. Long haired cats do shed and all the time. If not maintained they will end up very matted. The other problem with cats is hairballs. There are types of food to help them pass the hair in their stool. Products that you can give cats are sold at most pet stores. The product that you give them that comes in a tube is most likely left behind when put in the food dish. One method is to put the stuff in the tube on their front paws. They will continue to lick it until they have licked it all off. Just put in on their paws every day.

Brushing your cat does help. The brush will brake up the matts before they start forming and get lots of loose hair off the cat. On a short haired cat brush the hair backwards with a slicker brush, it will catch the loose hair better. Long haired cats need to be brushed all over, short haired cats only need their neck and back brushed. If they do not like to be brushed it is because at some time they were brushed too hard and it hurt. Brush lightly will still get off the hair. Also, take a damp, not a wet cloth, just damp, rub it backwards on the short haired cat and it will take off loose hair.

The last method is to shave the animal. You can have the body shaved and leave the legs, feet and head and face. On some breeds you may want to shave the whole animal. I do not recommend using a de-shedding tool on a cat. They do not seem to tolerate the length of time it takes to use the tool.

Like humans those breeds of dogs mentioned above do some shedding but not enough to notice. Other breeds of dogs will shed continually. Ie., german shepards and the likeā€¦ Double coated dogs will shed the undercoat constantly and do not believe that if you have a short haired dog that they will not shed. Ask anyone in Boca Raton who owns a pit or a dalmation or lab or any types like that, they shed a lot.

There are some methods that will work for some people and they will not work for all. It is always best to hire a professional dog groomer Boca Raton service to take care of your dog professionally than doing it on your own.

Maintenance is very important to keep the shedding under control. Brushing long haired or double coated dogs everyday is very important. I have a German Shepard and use a quick method every morning while my coffee brews. I use a de-shedding tool then vacuum/blow off the loose hair and run a brush over her. This only takes about 5 minutes. I have found this to be the best method in between baths.

First of all I keep her bathed. Every six to eight weeks I bathe her. In the warm weather I hose bathe her in the yard and let her air dry. After she is dry I brush her and blow or vacuum the loose hair off. Using a de-shedding shampoo is very helpful. It does not hurt the animals skin but loosens up the hair already coming out. You can find a de-shed shampoo at the pet stores.

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