Choosing A Name for Your Cat

Cats can be the cutest creatures, and even though they are generally more self-sufficient and introverted than dogs, they make for some of the most common and pleasurable pets on earth! Many people often underestimate the importance of a name for their cat: we have seen many episodes of people calling their cats with the same name over and over again, sometimes with boring sequences such as “Kitty the First, Kitty the Second” and so on.

Cat names can be more than that.. each of your pets has a history of his own, and deserves a name that not only distinguishes him from his predecessors, but that also conveys emotions and meaning. There’s no point in calling a cute cat “The Terminator”, as there’s no point in calling a ruthless hunting feline “Hugs”. We understand that searching a suitable cat name among thousands can be difficult. For that reason, there are cat names portals on the web, such as the Cat Names Unique – one of the best cat names portals where you can browse 1000’s of unique, fun, creative names for cats.

If a cat is a simple one that was presented by acquaintances, or picked up in the street than the name can be different it depends on the will of the owners. A lot depends on the breed and the place of living of an animal. Sometimes cats are named not with a real name, but the name which reflects either appearance of a cat, or its character – Red, Grey, Black, Robber.

cat names

The following factor which is considered when giving a name to a cat: the cat born in winter needs a softer name, and the cats born in summer – can have a stronger name. But, in any case, in spite of the place of birth and time of birth – the name of a cat has to be sonorous, soft, not irritating the hearing, easily to remember, with a considerable quantity of vowels.

Some owners name a cat with their name, the name of the wife or the old beloved, those names which they like, maybe the names of the old school friends. Well, such a variant is possible too. Eventually, this is your pet – and it is your right to name a pet any name you want. For example it is possible to name your cat with the name which was given to you in your childhood among your friends such a nostalgia will clear up kind memoirs.

Very often the names given to cats depend on their breed. For example for such cats like Siamese, Thai, Abyssinian, Pharaoh will suit exotic and unusual names, in east style. For American short-haired or American wire-haired will suit something cowboy’s or dashing, For British short-haired something aristocratic.

In any case, it is necessary to come to the choice of a name for your pet seriously and with all responsibility. You can think up a name by yourself most or arrange a family meeting where everyone can offer their names, and then to choose the best variant. Remember that you give a name for many years, for the whole life of your cat because, any pet remembers its name and will respond only to it.

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Rent to Own Homes – Understanding the Buyer Advantages

Rent to own homes or lease with option to buy homes are becoming more and more popular thanks to the implosion of the mortgage market. If you are serious about owning a home, but cannot get a mortgage right now, a rent to own home can be a great decision for you. Let’s look at some of the key buyer benefits!

Build Cash towards Your Purchase

Tired of throwing money on rent and making your landlord rich? Then it may be time to start looking at rent to own homes listings! With homes for rent to own, a portion of each monthly payment that you make will be credited to you towards the purchase price. This is called your rent credit. With right program, most homes offer a 3% rent credit.

Potential for No or Low Cash Out of Pocket at Closing

Because you are building up equity via your rent credit, there is the chance that you will not have to put any additional cash down when it comes time to get a mortgage. Also, many lenders will count this transaction as a refinance as long as you have been in the home for more than a year. This also helps reduce the amount of additional cash out of pocket.

Of course, mortgage guidelines change all the time. To be safe, you should plan on saving for a down payment just in case!

Less Cash out of Pocket Now

With houses for rent to own, you are looking at putting between 3% and 5% down in most cases. If you were to go get a mortgage with damaged credit, you would be required to come up with 5% down plus closing costs – and that is if you could even qualify!

Quick Approval and Move In

Have you ever applied for a mortgage and waited to hear back to see if you were approved? And then days after you were told that you were approved the underwriter came back with a whole list of additional documentation requested! Nerve-wracking isn’t it?

With a rent to own home, you know right away if you are going to qualify. And, once you find the home of your dreams chances are you can move in right away. No waiting nervously for weeks for a closing that may or may not happen!

Credit Issues? No Problem

Few things are more humbling than searching for a rental home and being told over and over that your credit just isn’t good enough. (It’s bad enough being turned down for a mortgage – but a rental home?)

Rent to own homes are a great solution if you have credit challenges. Most programs, have NO CREDIT QUALIFYING!

You Profit from Appreciation

Now, granted, appreciation is not something you hear a lot about in the current real estate environment. But slight as it may be it does exist in most markets.

When you execute a rent to own contract, the eventual purchase price is agreed upon up front. This means that any appreciation over and above this amount increases your net worth when you finally close on the mortgage.