June 4-6-2019


Dahnke Family Ballroom | Moose Krause Circle | Notre Dame, IN 46556

About the Event

Today the future of work and well-being is under threat from artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. A new and distinctly technological revolution is underway that is reshaping societies across the globe on multiple levels. The potential impacts of this revolution “are so profound that, from the perspective of human history, there has never been a time of greater promise or potential peril.” (Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution).

Managing the transition to a future dominated by AI and automation will be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century and many organizations and key leaders have yet to determine how and if the future of work will yield positive or negative outcomes for the global workforce. Recognizing the need for interdisciplinary dialogue on this key issue, the Citi Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, City of South Bend, and the Zielsdorf Family Partnership for Corporate Engagement ​​will convene key thought leaders from think tanks and academia; the private sector; NGOs; foundations; and local, state, and federal governments in early June 2019 for a series of focused presentations and discussions on the future of work.

The conference—held on Notre Dame’s historic campus—will seek to focus on social and technological policies and innovations that will enable organizations and leaders to manage disruption while optimizing the benefits of technology for their respective populations. What does the future of work look like when framed in the human context? We wish to move beyond the problem definition that has dominated other such events towards tools and solutions that can only be derived from rich multi-stakeholder engagement, bringing together ethicists, technologists, policy researchers, politicians and business leaders. The conference is intended to be both domestic and global in perspective with some elements devoted to the particular challenges of automation facing states with rich, industrial traditions, such as Indiana.

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Conference Agenda

We look forward to sharing three days of meaningful and relevant programming with you.

All daytime conference activities will take place in Dahnke Ballroom, located on the seventh floor on the west side of Notre Dame Stadium in the Duncan Student Center (Moose Krause Circle, Notre Dame). Please note the addresses provided for events taking place off-campus.

Transportation to and from the University of Notre Dame will be provided for attendees staying at the conference hotel, Aloft South Bend (111 North Main Street, South Bend). Each morning, a bus will leave from Aloft South Bend at two times, 7:30 a.m. and 7:55 a.m., respectively. Please refer to the conference agenda regarding afternoon/evening transportation on Wednesday, June 5. Participants will need to arrange their own transportation on the afternoon of Thursday, June 6, after the end of the conference.

Throughout the conference, car parking will be available in Notre Dame’s Walsh Architecture Visitors Lot via a hang tag, which will be distributed during the Tuesday evening Pre-Conference Welcome Reception, or through the use of a parking lot code, which will be provided in an attendee logistics email. The Walsh Architecture Visitors Lot is within easy walking distance of the Duncan Student Center. See both locations on a custom campus map at

The agenda below outlines the key events and provides a description of all major activities, as well as the addresses for events taking place off-campus.

Select a day below to view program details.

Pre-Conference Welcome Reception

Location: The Armory (727 South Eddy Street, South Bend).

Speaker: Mayor Pete ButtigiegCity of South Bend.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg will offer an official South Bend welcome to attendees the evening before the conference opens. Heavy hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served.

Please Note: Transportation to and from The Armory will be available for attendees staying at the conference hotel, Aloft South Bend. Otherwise, attendees will be responsible for their own transportation to and from this event. Buses from Michiana Fun Tours will leave for The Armory at 5:10 p.m. and 5:35 p.m., respectively. Buses returning to Aloft South Bend will depart at 7:15 p.m. and 7:35 p.m., respectively.

Continental Breakfast

Network with other conference attendees over coffee and a continental breakfast before the conference commences.

Notre Dame Welcome

Speaker: Thomas G. Burish, Charles and Jill Fischer Provost, University of Notre Dame.

Burish will open the conference and welcome attendees to the University of Notre Dame's historic campus.

Panel: Urban Innovators’ City Case Studies


Cooper Martin, senior executive and director, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities.


— Mayor Peter Buttigieg, City of South Bend.

— Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, City of West Sacramento.

Mayor John CranleyCity of Cincinnati.

Santiago Garces, director of innovation and performance, City of Pittsburgh.

— Ben Levine, executive director, MetroLab Network.

Automation, augmentation, and AI all offer cities the potential of improving services for citizens and lowering costs, while disrupting the local labor market and tax rolls. How are city leaders preparing for this challenging future through innovation, reskilling, and social policy?

Throughout this panel, Rainwater will facilitate a discussion with various city leaders and innovators, who will share perspectives and insights on the changing face of work within their cities, along with practical policies and programs in the form of case studies. The panelists will also discuss their involvement in the MetroLab Network, which drives partnerships between local governments and universities, and is "poised to help the public sector adapt to rapid technology change."

Refreshments and Networking Break

Take a break, or network with other conference attendees over light refreshments.

Workshop: The Future is Now: Ethical Considerations

Presenter: Christopher Adkins, executive director, Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership.

The pace of change and levels of disruption that will accompany the introduction of AI and accelerating automation will pose very challenging ethical dilemmas for government, business, and nonprofits. What are some of the critical ethical questions we should be preparing to answer?

During this dynamic, interactive workshop, Adkins will introduce an ethical framework for consideration by private, public, and civil society organizations, as well as individuals. Are the AIs being developed today benevolent, hostile, or something else? Who are we designing for? How do we rank-order values and which stakeholders matter most? What does dignity of work look like in the “future”?

Lunch with Roundtable Discussions

Over lunch, attendees from diverse sectors will have the opportunity to discuss a variety of critical themes related to the future of work.

Please Note: Attendees are free to sit at the roundtable of their choosing (first come, first serve). Cards detailing the specific theme of each table will be visible at the beginning of the day for easy identification.

Keynote: Exponential Strategies for an Inclusive Future of Work

Keynote Speaker: Gary Bolles, chair for the future of work, Singularity University.

Exponential technologies are having a seismic impact on the world of work. What are the key trends that are transforming our traditional model of work? How are industries and jobs becoming “unbundled,” and what are the effects on human work? Why is the traditional model of the organization changing, and what could work look like in next-generation organizations? There are effective strategies we can follow today to ensure that individuals, organizations, communities, and countries can all thrive during this transition. And those same exponential technologies can also be used to transform us as workers, helping us to solve the problems of tomorrow.

A Q&A session with Bolles will immediately follow his address.

Refreshments and Networking Break

Take a break, or network with other conference attendees over light refreshments.

Panel: Sustainable and Living Cities: Social Policy Considerations


Molly Martin, director, New America Indianapolis.


Kathleen Christensen, program director, Working Longer Program, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Cooper Martin, senior executive and director, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities.

Mark Muro, senior fellow and policy director, The Brookings Institution.

Andrew Stettner, senior fellow, The Century Foundation.

What are the social policy considerations that are required to accommodate sustainable and living cities? How do we help city leaders—through collaboration, coalitions, resources, and advocacy—build better communities?

Throughout this panel, Martin will facilitate a discussion with various experts on the trends, research, and various stakeholder efforts to address quality of life issues.

South Bend Experience Tour

Location: Studebaker CampusRenaissance District (635 South Lafayette Boulevard, South Bend).

Representatives from the City of South Bend will lead an engaging bus tour of our vibrant, comeback city, which was once prematurely named one of America’s top ten "dying cities."

Attendees will then stop at the renowned and recently refurbished Studebaker Campus, where manufacturing buildings have been transformed into the Midwest's largest mixed-use campus in the heart of South Bend's Renaissance District. Attendees will split into smaller groups and visit a number of innovative organizations throughout the campus. 

Please Note: A 56-passenger bus will depart outside Notre Dame Stadium at 4:00 p.m. to transport all attendees without a personal vehicle.

Following the South Bend Experience Tour, a bus will depart from the Studebaker Campus at 6:00 p.m. and make stops at the following locations:

— Four Winds Field for the evening "Drinks and Ballpark Eats" event.

— Aloft South Bend.

— Notre Dame Stadium.

No further group transportation will be provided beyond this time. Aloft South Bend is within walking distance of Four Winds Field for those who plan to attend the evening "Drinks and Ballpark Eats" event.

Drinks and Ballpark Eats at Four Winds Field

Location: Four Winds Field (501 West South Street, South Bend).

Accenture will host this evening of entertainment in Downtown South Bend, including informal dining and drinks at Four Winds Field, home of the South Bend Cubs. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., the South Bend Cubs will take on the Bowling Green Hot Rods and complimentary tickets will be provided to conference attendees for the game. 

Please Note: Attendees will be responsible for their own transportation after the conclusion of this event. As previously mentioned, Aloft South Bend is within walking distance of Four Winds Field.

Continental Breakfast

Network with other conference attendees over coffee and a continental breakfast before the conference commences.

Plenary Talk: Transitioning to the Digital Age


— Sharon Block, executive director, Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School.

Plenary Speakers:

— David Kusnet, senior writer, Podesta Group.

— Lawrence Mishel, distinguished fellow and former president, Economic Policy Institute.

— Rick Wartzman, director, KH Moon Center for a Functioning Society, Drucker Institute.

This high-level panel, with expertise in law, economics, management, and journalism, will bring their unique perspectives to a lively conversation about how we should envision and manage the transition to this new digital age.

Refreshments and Networking Break

Take a break, or network with other conference attendees over light refreshments.

Panel: Voices of Labor


Marcus Courtney, principal, Courtney Public Affairs.


Sharon Block, executive director, Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School.

Chandra Childers, study director, Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

— Maureen Conway, vice president for policy programs, the Aspen Institute.

Stephen Herzenberg, executive director, Keystone Research Center.

Technology will redefine the working day and meaning of work for millions of Americans. How should we prepare for the social upheaval that is already underway and will only intensify in the coming years? What are the likely needs and expectations of working people in the face of such profound change?

Throughout this panel, the Courtney will facilitate a discussion on the economic mobility of lower- and middle-income workers; the real concerns these groups of workers have concerning job displacement and/or augmentation; and current and future strategies that can be deployed to minimize the impact of the future of work on these groups of workers.

Panel: Skilling Up


— Brian Wiebe, executive director, Horizon Education Alliance.


Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO, NPower.

Chauncy Lennon, vice president for the future of learning and work, the Lumina Foundation.

Matthew Poland, senior program manager, JFF.

— Shayne Spaulding, senior fellow, Income and Benefits Policy Center, Urban Institute.

— James Sullivan, co-founder, the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities.

The workforce of the future will look nothing like the workforce of today. New skills, capabilities and mindsets will be required for jobs we cannot yet imagine. How do we prepare for such a world? How are leading institutions with an interest in education preparing for these challenges?

Throughout this panel, Wiebe will facilitate a discussion with various key leaders on how organizations should prepare for, and respond to, tomorrow's workforce today.

Networking Lunch

Enjoy casual conversation and networking with other conference attendees over lunch and refreshments.

Panel: Private Sector and Investor Case Studies


Dan Peate, founder and managing director, Peate Ventures.


Naguib Attia, vice president, Global University Programs, IBM.

Marcela Escobari, senior fellow, Brookings Institution.

Tracy Graham, founder and managing principal, Graham Allen Partners.

Lorrie Meyer, vice president of talent and organizational development, Cummins Inc.

— Stephen Wroblewski, business strategy senior manager, Accenture Strategy.

— Janice Zdankus, vice president, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The private sector is already leading the way in investing in the use of AI and automated solutions. How are they staging and managing these transitions both within their companies and with their communities and stakeholders? What are the unique ethical, economical, and social roles of the private sector in moving us toward this digital future?

Throughout this panel, Peate will facilitate a discussion with various experts and leaders on what the private sector must do to match technological acceleration and build workers' capacities.

The Role of Anchor Institutions / Closing Remarks


Ray Offenheiser, director of the Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development (NDIGD), and interim director of the McKenna Center for Human Development and Global Business.

Scott Appleby, Marilyn Keough Dean, Keough School of Global Affairs.

Universities through the centuries have played very important roles in helping societies negotiate dramatic change. There is an important role for them in both teaching and research in accompanying the digital transition as well. What changes will it require structurally and educationally? Are they prepared for that challenge?

Offenheiser will offer some reflections on the growing importance of anchor institutions—such as universities—to local economies, as well as how the future of work will impact the roles and responsibilities of such institutions.

Dean Appleby will offer some short closing remarks to end the conference.

Please Note: We intend for the conference to conclude by 4:00 p.m., which should provide attendees with a sufficient amount of time to make evening flights from South Bend International Airport (4477 Progress Drive, South Bend) on Thursday, June 6.

Event Speakers / The 2019 Future of Work Conference

Gary Bolles

Keynote Speaker

Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University

Maureen Conway


Vice President for Policy Programs, Aspen Institute

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Speaker and Panelist

Mayor, City of South Bend

Tia Hodges


Senior Program Officer, Citi Foundation

Director, Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development

Program Director, Working Longer Program, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Ben Levine


Executive Director, MetroLab Network

Chief Executive Officer, NPower

Naguib Attia


Vice President of Global University Programs, IBM

Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution

Mayor, City of West Sacramento

Sharon Block


Executive Director, Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School
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Hotel and Travel

The 2019 Future of Work Conference will be held at the University of Notre Dame’s historic campus. All key event programming will take place in the recently dedicated Dahnke Ballroom—located on the seventh floor of the Duncan Student Center—which overlooks campus and the historic Notre Dame Stadium.

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Hotel Block: Aloft South Bend

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Transportation to and from the University of Notre Dame will be provided for attendees staying at Aloft South Bend. Each morning, a bus will leave from Aloft South Bend at two times, 7:30 a.m. and 7:55 a.m., respectively. In the evening (June 5) or afternoon (June 6), after the activities of the day have ended, only one bus will leave from Notre Dame back to the hotel.

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We will provide all attendees with a reserved parking code closer to the date of the event. This code needs to be entered in the self-service kiosk at the entrance to each lot. The kiosk will then provide a ticket that allows you to park in that location at no cost.

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